In the present scenario, the ever increasing market penetration along with smartphone usage businesses is on their ways to invest in something effective. As per recent research conducted, almost 80% of customers abandon a mobile website due to weird user experience in association with the same.

Thus the value in association with mobile friendly websites has catapulted to a whopping. Along with serving as an absolute necessity in terms of conducting business, it has proved to be highly profitable issue at present. Even, it is a fact to consider that a handsome amount of sales is taking place through mobile phone devices.

Why Not to Go with Websites that are not Mobile Friendly?

In this technical world, almost each and every business comprises of a running website to fetch more numbers of traffics. But in case the website is not at all mobile friendly, then they hardly fit on a smartphone followed by providing a bitter experience. Even if they comprise of the feature of mobile responsiveness, those websites hardly prove to be fruitful.

Even the information included into the web page is hardly visible in a crystal clear manner. Thus in order to get a crystal clear view, the website needs to be mobile friendly. Also it will prevent unnecessary skewing of information thus making the website easily visible. In general, users need to pinch and squeeze the website for easy going through pages.

Why Prefer Mobile Friendly Websites?

As such issues are not at all preferable; the persisting website needs to be mobile friendly. In case the benefits of comprising of a website that is mobile friendly, you will find it easy to understand the reason behind its astonishing popularity. It is high time to get to know about the benefits in association with mobile friendly websites!

The website will not only get converted to a user friendly one but also among highly responsive websites. Such a website is always praised by clients as they may be easily accessed on to their mobile devices. Though it is essential to include information into the website, but it is essential to be selective at the time of doing so.

It will be better to include only those pieces of information that will communicate your marketing strategy in a crystal clear manner. As smartphones are on their ways of becoming the most dominant sources of the web, it is high time to jump ahead of the competition in order to remain prepared for future challenges. Good to learn that above 90% of searches are conducted from mobile devices. Even Google has started penalizing those websites that are not mobile friendly.

How to Build Mobile Friendly Responsive Websites?

If anybody is wondering to create mobile friendly websites, then it is duly possible by keeping a few vital points in consideration. First of all you need to understand what users generally desire for. Along with knowing preferences, one must focus on the areas and design elements to which a user gets attracted at the best.

By making in depth investment in this particular type of effort, tends to make your website highly profitable. Thus it is essential to ensure that the matters include truly serve user preferences. You may ensure an appropriate amount of white space by eliminating unnecessary design elements form the structure of the website.

As mobile phones comprise of small screens, in order to enable their proper fitting on the screen it is essential to exclude unnecessary elements.

What are the Things to Avoid?

While on the way to build a website that is mobile friendly, one needs to stay away from certain things. First of all, it is essential to stay away from pop-up windows as they have been reported to be highly painful. Thus the best effort must be included to remain away from such frustrating pop-up ads for maintaining the grace of the brand.

Similar to pop-up windows, flash animation is another harmful thing that affects the personality of website. As flash animation files comprise of the potential to disrupt user experience at the most, it is recommended t stay away from installing of flash animation files.

Carrying On with Constant Maintenance

Though mobile friendly website templates are made available into a wide variety of colors and styles, it is recommended to carry on with regular maintenance. It is good to go around mimicking the visual branding elements that have been taken into usage to accommodate into newly introduced mobile environment.

It will definitely hold a tight bond between user and the website thus enhancing the level of trust.

Permitting Access to Full Website

Last but not the least, it must be ensured that a link back to the full website has been duly included. It must be done regardless of the matter the content of the new version of the website has been built and customized.

Such a gigantic step will permit users with a better experience in terms of permitting full access to full website.

AMP Update for Mobile Friendly Websites

Recent reports have stated it in a crystal clear manner that more number of publishers are on their ways to leverage the power in association with live blogs to get connected with readers. Thus the introduction of AMP update for mobile sites has enabled easy updating of content of the page in a dynamic manner without opting for additional reload and navigation.

AMP has enabled easy overriding of default styles of the component. The component generally includes a default class along with a customization button for users to pull in updates. In the background, as soon as AMP page usage gets displayed on the client side; it polls the origin document on the host for updates.

As soon as the client receives a required response, it follows filtering along with dynamical insertion of those updates into the client page. Thus publishers may easily customize the polling rate in order to control the total number of incoming requests.