Whether an individual or a company, if you already are or want to become a brand and are not tapping social media, you’re missing out on reaching about 2.5 billion people using the Internet. Which is why you must bring social media marketingand the right social media marketing agency into the picture.

Social Media Marketingmay sound heavy duty but it’s as easy to understand as the three words are – selling or promoting a brand on social media through various platforms to reach the audience and catch their attention. While some platforms allow you to directly update your audience with what you’re up to, others let you easily engage with them and have conversations. From among Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, one of the fastest growing platforms and the one that businesses must not keep out of is Instagram.

With over 800 million monthly active Instagram users worldwide, 80% of them follow a business account. Can you imagine how big an opportunity it is for a brand to build and grow through this social media marketingplatform?

If you are willing to tell your brand story, Instagram has a lot to offer. From stories, to direct messages, to live streaming, to influencer marketingand shopping online, businesses can make use of each and every feature to communicate with its audience. Let’s look at how they can make the best use of it in 2018.

  1. Hashtags

The most effective way to expand your reach is by using the hashtags specific to your category. They allow you to become a part of a log, which people can go through anytime when they search for a particular hashtag. Now in 2018, apart from following profiles, one can also follow hashtags. That is a great way for you to promote branded hashtags. And if you push it through influencer marketing, it’s even more widespread.

  1. Stories

A-24 hour-showcase – Instagram stories are a super fun way to tell what a brand is all about. Currently, one-third of the most viewed stories come from business profiles. Even people who are not following you can view your stories as they are discoverable. You can even allow users to shop by directing them to your online shop with a link added in your stories with a “Swipe Up” button. Sometimes it’s a quirky way to roll out teasers or have any kind of pre-buzz activity on Instagram stories. Brands can experiment as much as they want with this feature as it provides various filter options. A good social media marketing agencyis one which pays good attention to this Instagram feature.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing through Instragramis a great way to optimize your Instagram presence as a brand. Nowadays, influencers are like mini-celebrities. The reason why brands must invest in them is because branded content seems more genuine when they talk about it. Influencer marketinghelps you reach a wider audience, which includes yours as well as that of your influencers. If you choose the right influencer marketing agency,it becomes a believable and cost-effective way of putting out your brand message and increasing your follower base too.

  1. Advertising on Instagram

If you have had a social media marketing agency, this might not be new to you. From video ads, to photo ads, to carousel adverts and more, Instagram gives you various ways to advertise. All depends on your objective to advertise, whether it’s to drive awareness, increase customers, boost sales or share your story amongst a highly engaged audience. What makes advertising on Instagram more seamless is its targeting parameters. Target your audience by mentioning their interests, demographics, database etc.

  1. Shopping on Instagram

Shopping on Instagram turns your business into a visual shopfront. A social media marketing agencycan smartly integrate “Shop Now” as a call to action to all your posts and stories. You can either provide links that direct users to your online shop or tag products on images and give people quick access to product details and pricing.

  1. Instagram Live

Whether you’re having an event or it’s just another day at your office/store, the best way to introduce your audience to your brand or take them through it is by using the Instagram Live feature. Sometimes brands can make a good use of this feature by combining it with influencer marketing. Influencers can take over brand profiles and do live streaming through the brand’s page to show their experience with the different products or services.

A lot of brands are now exploring this visual story-telling format and it’s building great success stories for them too. All you need to know is how to use this platform to make your social media marketingstrategy a bible for best results.